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ABOUT US | Zimbabwe Information & Communication Technologies (ZICT) Divisions


VISION: To be the nexus for ICT innovation linking Zimbabwe to the global market.

MISSION: ZICT aims to inspire ICT engineering professionals to champion the adoption of ICT as the engine for socio-economic growth through education, innovtion, advocacy, and networking within Zimbabwe and globally.

CORE VALUES: Professionalism, Impartiality, Integrity, Respect of national and international ICT standards and statutes.


  • Education – promote the teaching of ICT engineering as both a rewarding career and a prime contributer to national socio-economic growth.
  • Innovation – espouse the resourcing of a national innovation hub and subordinate provincial hubs supported by the state, industry and educational institutions.
  • Advocacy – champion research on ICT policy development and influence the relevant stakeholders in government and industry to develop and enunciate policies and statutes which enhance the adoption of ICT in all secrtors of the economy, and lead in the development of national intellectual property (IP) strategies
  • Networking – provide a forum for professionals and aspirants to connect, exchange and conglomerate ideas nationally and internationally, across industry, business, public sector and all other sectors.


  • Network with the ICT community of engineers in Zimbabwe and worldwide in order to contribute, learn, mentor, be mentored, and influence the direction of ICT innovation and policy.
  • Participate in local and global ICT events,
  • Collaborate in adapting ICT to the unique market dictates of Zimbabwean and continental African community.
  • Contribute to the design of curriculum for ICT pedagogy in all educational institutions.
  • Benefit from being a registered and certified ICT professional and access Continued Professional Development (CPD) through further education, research and participation in local and global ICT events,
  • Guarantee participation in local projects as a ZICT endorsed vendor, consultant and service provider.

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