Borehole scammers on the loose

Water is life!!! Zimbabwe’s taps have now run dry and Zimbabwe’s local authorities are no longer providing piped water which is a human right, residents are now relying on drilled borehole water and even His Excellency, the President of Zimbabwe has introduced what is now called the Presidential Borehole Scheme, whose role is to provide borehole water for both urban and rural communities.

Scammers have now seized this opportunity as more and more desperate Zimbabweans seeking borehole drilling services have raised alarm over borehole drilling scams where conmen are fronting as company owners, company agents stealing thousands of dollars for services that they will never provide. 

The conmen will advertise on internet, social media platforms, emails or even put adverts in the newspapers. An ordinary Zimbabwean is attracted to cheap boreholes on the internet with some charging as little as US$500 for a 40 meter pegged hole and US$900 for 80+ meters inclusive of other additional charges such as siting fees.

These conmen are always on these platforms to pounce on those who fall for their trick. Their customer service is second to none and their social media response is so convincing that anyone will pay upon request. They even go the extend of requesting their client to pay the first half payment through a mobile payment service, at a rate that is agreed with the company and will advise that the other fifty percent be settled when the drillers come to the drilling site. Once they receive the payment you will never hear for the company again.

Some of these conmen have gone a step further. They will approach a properly registered drilling company in the area where a request for a borehole is required. They will then advise the drilling company that they require a borehole and drive the rig to the drilling site. Upon arrival they will demanded their full payment before the job, which will be paid away from the rig driver. They will then advise their client that they need top-up the rig with diesel at a nearby garage. They will then advise the rig driver to follow them and that will be the end of the deal.

These scammer have become so common that it is advisable to use some of Zimbabwe’s known borehole drillers. It is now important to visit the company website, their physical premises and meet the employees as a means of knowing who the client is dealing with.

Do not fall for these  scammers use drillers that have websites, emails, social media presence and have physical offices that one can visit. 

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