Hansole to empower ICT youths

We all live in a community were we have plumbers, welders, tailors, carpenter, builders, etc. As part of our commitment to increase web presence we are offering FREE web development train a trainer programme to Zimbabwean youths. Zimbabwe is battling with youth unemployment and starting a business or engaging in self-employment is increasingly seen as part of a strategy to address the youth employment challenge. Hansole is an information and communication technology (ICT) and a member of Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers Association (ZISPA). Our intention is to train website developers who will become train a trainer within their communities. We are looking for ICT individual from Zimbabwe’s all ten provinces to join our train a trainer program who will return to their provinces, towns or cities and districts to train individuals who have access to the internet and a computer. All you need is basic computer skills. This is a program that will lead to at least 3,000 youths per year and creating youths who are self employed.
For one to develop a website all they need is to register a domain, we provide access to the Cpanel (control panel). In the cpanel there is hundreds of templates which a train a trainer website developer can chose from and it will take an average developer only 15 minutes to develop and publish a website of international standard. 
Zimbabwe’s education does not empower our youths to have entrepreneur skills and average young people find it more difficult than adults to engage in business because they have less capital in the form of skills, knowledge and experience, collaterals and less access to business network. The ICT is the only sector that can empower our youths and what makes Zimbabwe’s environment ideal is it is dominated by the informal sector that is desperate to sell its products and services.
The Zimbabwean government is now pushing for entrepreneurship education and training programmes which are an important component of any strategy to promote entrepreneurial activity among young people. This is ideally valuable means for shaping young people’s attitudes and competencies to become self-employed. Where schools do not promote entrepreneurship as an option for young people, us as employers can lobby for its incorporation into the curriculum. 
Youth unemployment has become the global “number one” policy issue for governments and multilateral agencies with many many countries experiencing endemically high levels. In response, most governments and international organizations are introducing more active labour market interventions to address youth unemployment.  To complement this initiative Hansole is proposing to train as many youths as possible who will be creating website for the plumber, welder, tailor, motor mechanic, shop owners infact all the small to medium enterprises and informa sector.
If you would like to know more about this progamme please do not hesitate to contact us +263772278161 or digital@hansole.co.zw
Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi

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