Zimbabwe Cricket Should Have A Website

The Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) has been a full member of the cricket council (ICC) since 1992, but is the national association without a functional website. Even small cricketing nations have websites.

Clearly there is something wrong with the ZC Communications Department and its leadership. In the late 1990s ZC had a functional website despite the fact that Zimbabwe was not as well connected to the internet as it is now. The internet has become a fundamental part of our lives, and people are using it for virtually everything these days; from research, socializing to entertainment.

Zimbabweans now have unprecedented access to smartphones and wireless technology and this has led to an increasing number of sports enthusiasts using the internet to search for equipment, teams, statistics and other sports-related information.

Having a well-designed website will help give your teams and organization credibility, while attaining a top search engine ranking can yield far more benefits.

Worldwide, a sports website is a brochure as well as an interaction platform. When you have a proper website, you have no need to print or distribute physical materials and this will help your organization save money.

A website makes it easy for ZC to give updates on new information, such as upcoming events, team statistics or any products or events you wish to promote.

You can attract revenue for the organization by offering advertising space on the website to potential sponsors. In this digital age, ZC can only benefit from having a website.

If you need any further information , do not hesitate to contact us on email: chair@zict.org.zw or whatsapp/call +263772278161.


Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi

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