Zimbabweans are using Social Media to find lost items

If you have lost something you love, gone are the days of relying on the authorities or word of mouth. Social media has now taken charge and it is proving to be a very effective way to recover your items.

Zimbabwe should say a BIG THANK YOU to the power of Facebook and WhatsApp and the honesty of the people of this Great Nation, most people are Now reuniting with the lost documents successful with the finder simply searching for the name on the documents on facebook and/or simply sending messages on WhatsApp groups as part of the social media campaign.

Social media is now a useful tool and provides the potential for huge reach and information can spread very quickly than ever before. If you lose an item or a person goes missing, social media is an incredibly useful tool for spreading the message or starting a campaign.

In most cases messages usually go viral within a matter of minutes. It can access lots of different people and communities quickly.

Hansole has examined other occasions social media has saved the day and reunited an individual with something dear to them or found them something they desperately need.

Post your lost and found items on https://www.facebook.com/lostandfoundzim and you will find the loser or the finder

Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi

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