Let us allow our police officers to fight crimes using mobile technology.

Over the past years, we have watched other country’s Police force implement arrays of technological advancements to improve operational efficiency and outcomes, especially in times of diminished resources and enhanced public attention on and scrutiny of law enforcement. However, Zimbabwe Republic Police remains behind and pushing backwards as they put a ban of the use of Cellphones around the precinct. Well, as a youth who understands the need of ICT in addressing the issues encountered by the police on daily bases, suggest that the leading members of the Zimbabwean Police Force rather examine more closely on what other country’s enforcement agencies are acquiring and implementing the use of technology and how it is linked to strategy development. Cellphone have become wallets to everyone since they are now the prime to mobile banking and with cash shortages still rising in Zimbabwe taking away the use of cellphones is like taking away their pocket money which we all know they are not provided launch and transport fares.With Technology still growing, these Cellphone have made communications between the public and the police easier. We now have crime awareness campaigns being hold up on many social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter just to name a few and are all being led by the public. We have Cyberbullying still rising to it’s full potential but how do you raise awareness to the public when the officers themselves don’t encounter those issues and can not define the word Cyber itself. Cellphones are helping with the investigations since they are now the camera anyone and can be used to record crimes in action but after noticing a crime you will obviously need to determinate the information to a member of the police force who currently don’t carry cellphone now. Think of a missing child you just come by in the streets, who needs that cellphone which is carrying the picture of that child which is her/his only hope of getting noticed I’m mean lets be reasonable. There are things which can happen anytime and are not preventable, thing about a Police officer getting sick whilst on the job, without the use of a cellphone it would take hours for that information to reach their respective families if we have to search for those details in the books, no offence we know the police does’t have that information digitalized. We could take that the other way around let’s say you have them covered you could rash them somewhere in case of an emergency, let take a family member, someone like a child, wife or parents. Those people mean the world to us that what state would someone be if you found out that your family member as involved in an accident, something you can`t predict and you did not receive that information in time to be excused from your duties. My point being lets take the members of the Republic Police as Humans and not robots because underneath that uniform is just a person who have the same rights as any else

By Gracious Kaunda

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  • December 29, 2022 at 10:54 am

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