Tivi future of 5G to take place at Teknologia 19 expo

The Tivi Future of 5G seminar will take place at the Teknologia 19 tech expo in Helsinki this November. The event aims to showcase recent business and service concepts in 5G and serves as a forum for discussion on 5G network projects.

“The event will discuss 5G technology extensively from the perspective of both IT and the economy. The programme will focus on the benefits of 5G in public administration and industrial environments, where the applications of 5G include increasing production efficiency. In public administration, in turn, managing traffic and congestion are examples of potential uses of 5G technology,” says Salla Mäkelä, Product Development Manager at Alma Talent.  

The seminar aims to discuss the potential of 5G in improving productivity, the spread of 5G coverage in Europe, cybersecurity and radio spectrum policy, and best practices to maximise the potential offered by 5G.  “The Teknologia 19 expo will be held in early November, coinciding with the World Radiocommunication Conference in Egypt, which will agree on a common spectrum policy between countries. As 5G will be an extremely important and topical issue at that time, it is fantastic that we will have the chance to glimpse into the future of 5G technology at the Teknologia 19 expo,” says Mäkelä.

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