ITU launches latest ‘ICT Regulatory Tracker’ to help inform key policy decisions

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) now underpin nearly every sector of the economy, boosting growth and improving lives at a pace and scale not seen before.

This rapid and transformational change is driving the need for cross-sector collaboration – as well as flexible, incentive-based, market-driven regulation.

Moving towards more open, collaborative and cross-sectoral regulation will help to unlock investment that supports innovation, job creation – and digital transformation.

That is why ITU has developed the concepts of “collaborative regulation” and “fifth-generation regulation”. And that is why we have launched the latest edition of ICT Regulatory Tracker.How the ICT Regulatory Tracker works

The ICT Regulatory Tracker is an interactive tool developed by ITU to help decision-makers and regulators more fully understand the ever-changing terrain of ICT regulation.

The Tracker pinpoints the changes taking place in the ICT regulatory environment. It facilitates benchmarking and the identification of trends in ICT legal and regulatory frameworks.

It tracks countries’ progress from ‘first-generation’ (G1) regulation, whereby regulated public monopolies take a command-and-control approach, to ‘fifth-generation’ (G5) regulation whereby different regulatory agencies are collaborating with a wide variety of stakeholders to form a harmonized approach across sectors now dependent on ICTs.

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