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We want to help empower women by enhancing their capacity to participate fully in the information communication technology and in shaping its development.


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Any corporate member of the Institution with a direct interest in ICT, their usage, design, development, operation and maintenance of the same may become a member


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Would you like o contribue to developing strategies that will assist management of cybersecurity, threats and mitigation to protect Zimbabwe’s citizens? Would you like to participate

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  • Celebrating World International Girls In ICT Day
Getting more women in to ICT is essential, especially in the times of global economic crisis, not just a question of social justice, but a question of economic necessity, growth and competitiveness  Read More  
  • When Technology Takes Over Jobs
The old photographer, with an incredible little mop of fringe, grey-white hair around his balding, mottled scalp sits solo on a bench in the vast Harare Gardens Park. He has the resigned look of one who knows that at his age life has stopped giving and only takes away. But the rate at which life has been taking away even his profession of over four decades has been merciless and brutal. Photography does not pay any more these days. “These new tech  Read More
  • Cryptocurrencies ease cross border transactions
CRYPTOCURRENCIES are making inroads in African countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, where digital currencies, primarily bitcoin, are taking root. But the online currencies, which have challenged conventional monetary systems, are still far from being understood and still feared. Zimbabwe’s own cryptocurrency exchange, Golix, was recently hacked, bringing into question the safety of the digital currencies  Read More… 
  • Women in Information Communication Technology

Zimbabwe Information and Communication Technologies (ZICT), a division of Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers, is on a nationwide drive to help empower women in the technology sector. ZICT supports the objectives of the Government of Zimbabwe in moving towards gender equality in ICT. We are calling on all girls and women to come and be members of ZICT  http://zict.org.zw/wict-form and benefit from the training of web design and web development that  Read More…